Why this rant from a starred chef against customers is important

“Who are these people who still allow themselves to come into our homes, and take us for their minions?” asks chef Nadia Sammut. At the head of the starred restaurant Auberge La Fenière, and supported by Ernest Hung Do at the sommelier, she split a long message on Instagram to denounce the behavior of two customers.

“For three days, the so-called ‘maitre d’ of the famous three-star restaurant Überfahrt in Germany and his companion have been addressing my team and myself as nobody. Under the pretext that he works for this establishment”she says in this long message.

“Last night, in the middle of dinner, in conscience, on our full terrace, which vibrated in a soft and harmonious frequency, these two men again exceeded the limits by speaking to us in a negative way, by denigrating us, and ended up leaving dinner in the middle. But who are these imposters, who still think that everything is due in their world… Who are they to try to make our place vibrate at their frequency, that of frustration.”

“We are not the servants of a consumerist and destructive world, we are a collective that works with heart, every day, to bring simple and profound experiences to life”

This incident was an opportunity for Nadia Sammut to recall her philosophy of life, inside and outside the kitchen.. “In our world, we don’t accept this kind of behavior, and we don’t usually pander to meanness and disrespect. We are not servants of a consumerist and destructive world, we are a collective that works with heart, every day, to bring about simple and profound experiences. We have a lot of compassion for these poor people who have absolutely no way of behaving and who use their ‘position’ in renowned establishments to speak to our co-workers in a haughty manner.”

She keeps : “Building a world that tastes better is not just saying, but doing. My education and my strength of character have meant that for years I have been carrying out a project that is meaningful and has an impact on a suffering planet. I am a woman head of company which has a total conscience, and which carries its companies with courage, will, force and conviction. I accompany young collaborators on a daily basis to give them confidence in themselves and in life, and to allow them to find their ‘why’ . It’s a whole virtuous, delicious, joyful chain that we value, with humility and simplicity. Here, there is no servitude, we are in hospitality and happiness, the real thing.”

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