Why we should (really) stop posing rabbits in restaurants

No more no show! This is what the booking books all over France would claim if they could. Konbini and Le Fooding give them a megaphone, as well as 100 chefs and restaurateurs in France, in order to put an end to false restaurant plans.

Slumped on the counter, I show off my tattoos: – Francis, 5 pers. – Pauline, 3 people. – Abel, 2 pers. – Gwen, 8 pers. (anniversary !!). Fresh of the day, others scribbled a week ago, a month ago. Do not believe, despite my tanned face and my stained paper, I am square. It’s because, in this restaurant, they count on me to know who will come and who will not. But, tonight, I have a hangover, a no-show rage – this epidemic of reservations not canceled, but also not honored. In short, the names are not crossed out, but the customers planted me! I look around me, and this is what I see.

In the kitchen, a terrified chef. Late last night she was sitting across from me, punching in her last orders, and this morning she was the first to walk through the door. In her fridges, nothing but very fresh: royal sea bream, well-bred pork, cabbage, carrots and first-rate mushrooms… All day long, she offered them three-star treatment and you would have seen the ones in her eyes! His brain juice and all his work, that of the producers, their jewelry: tonight, we ruined everything.

In the room, a depressed team. To be less stressed, we had called the extras, and now we are biting our fingers. The seating plan is turned upside down, the character’s mind dented. As a result, Margot dropped her tray and Allan burned himself on the coffee machine. As if that weren’t enough, a half-deserted room, to kill the atmosphere and send the signal that, at home, everything would go wrong. The icing on the no-show, the tip jar is desperately empty, and, for some, that’s less like butter in spinach.

As for me, poor reservation book, I failed on the zinc. Reservations, I had refused, and you can’t know how, each time, I feel nauseous. I’m not a bad guy, if I could, I would hug everyone: regulars and people passing through, even if, in this alley, there aren’t a lot of them. And then, in all honesty, I have limited capacities – I’m talking about the size of my restaurant, not my network… So I’m thinking: in the future, I’ll take an advance on the bill, or simply more reservations.

Finally, if there is a future. Because the rabbits that we pose like bombs, it really hurt us. The one that perhaps draws the most mouth is the fund, which takes a hit every time we do it, the shot. Book, change your mind and let go, but on top of that, ghost us… I swear, I didn’t see it coming – but I could have! If only you had called.

Spoiled products, disrupted cuisine, disrupted service, shaken organization, impacted turnover… A no-show, a reservation for two, four, eight or twenty that is not honoured, and a whole restaurant pays off. To the point of putting our favorite addresses in real danger. So, in four words as in a hundred: NO MORE NO SHOW!

A tribune of Konbini and Fooding signed by
Adeline Grattard (Yam’Tcha and Café Lai’Tcha, Paris)
Adrien Zedda (Culina Hortus, Lyon)
Albert Touton and Paul Boudier (Le Maquis, Paris)
Alcidia Vulbeau (Good Adventure, Saint-Ouen)
Alexandre Mazzia (AM, Marseilles)
Alexis Bijaoui, Mickaëlle Chabat and Louis-Philippe Riel (Auberge de la Roche, Valdeblore)
Amélie Darvas and Gaby Benicio (Äponem, Vailhan)
Angélina Huriaux and Victor Nicolas (Comète, Saint-Lunaire)
Anthony Orjollet (Elements, Bidart and Epoq, Biarritz)
Antonin Bonnet (Quinsou, Paris)
Armand Arnal (La Chassagnette, Arles)
Augustine You and Adrien Witte (Chéri Bibi, Biarritz)
Aziz Mokhtari (Les P’tits Fayots, Toulouse)
Balthazar Gonzalez (Hedone, Toulouse)
Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat (Septime and Clamato, Paris; D’une île, Rémalard)
Camille Guillaud and Alessandro Candido (Candide, Paris)
Carole Eckert and Lucas Engel (Finally, Barr)
Caroline Lenormand and Pierre Lucas (Pénates, Rennes)
Céline Chung and Billy Pham (Petit Bao, Gros Bao and Bleu Bao, Paris)
Celine Pham (Inari, Arles)
Chloé Woestelandt and Paul Lacheray (Burnt Oyster, Honfleur)
Christophe Juville and Loïc Minel (Lolo dining cellar and Lolo bistro, Paris)
Claire Vallee (ONA, Ares)
Connie Zagora (Le Kitchen, Lyon)
Daniel Morgan (Robert, Paris)
David Gonzalez (Epoq, Biarritz)
Emily Chia and Edouard Lax (Le Grand Bain, Paris)
Florent Ladeyn (Auberge du Vert Mont, Boeschepe; Bloempot and Bierbuik/Bloemeke, Lille)
Florent Pietravalle (La Mirande, Avignon)
Florine Verhellen and Frederic Le Bordays (Brigand, Lille)
Gabrielle Beck (Tintamarre, Paris)
Georgiana Viou (Red, Nimes)
Glenn Viel (L’Oustau de Baumanière, Les Baux-de-Provence)
Greg Back and Matthew Robertson (The Virgin, Paris and Rita, Saint-Jean-de-Luz)
Guy Savoy (Guy Savoy Restaurant, Paris)
Harry Lester (Le Saint Eutrope, Clermont-Ferrand)
Jacky Ribault (The Bear, Vincennes)
Jessica Schein and Thomas Benady (Auberge Sauvage, Servon)
Jessica Yang and Robert Compagnon (Le Rigmarole and Folderol, Paris)
Johann Barichasse (Mokoloco, Paris)
Josephine Avril and Florian Cordeil (Carøe, Biarritz)
Julia Mitton, Laura Vidal and Harry Cummins (La Mercerie and Livingston, Marseille; Chardon,
Julia Sammut (L’Idéal and L’Idéal grocery store, Marseille)
Julia Sedefdjian (Baieta, Paris)
Julien Lemarié (IMA and Imayoko, Rennes)
Justine and Giovanni Passerini (Passerini and Passerina, Paris)
Kim Eberhard and Nathan George (Les Insolents, Uzès)
Laëtitia Visse (The Butcher’s Wife, Marseille)
Linda Granebring and Julien Jack Alda (Åke, Paris)
Lucie Boursier-Mougenot (Pétrelle, Paris)
Manon Fleury (Le Perchoir Menilmontant, Paris)
Marie-Anna Delgado and Olivia Brunet (Paloma, Paris)
Marie-Victorine Manoa (Aux Lyonnais, Paris)
Mathieu Rostaing-Tayard (Furrow, Biarritz and Micro Furrow, Lyon)
Matthias Marc (Substance and Liquid, Paris)
Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur, Menton)
Michele Farnesi (Dilia, Paris)
Moko Hirayama and Omar Koreitem (Mokonuts and Mokoloco, Paris)
Olive Davoux (Sur Mer, Paris)
Olivier Daniel and Kevin Lalanne (Babel Babel, Nice)
Pauline Celle and Julien Borie (Baston, Bordeaux)
Pauline Séné (Fripon, Paris)
Peter Taylor (Auberge de Chassignolles, Chassignolles)
Pierre Altobelli (At Davia, Nice)
Pierre Jancou (Sports Cafe, Padern)
Sarah Chougnet-Strudel and Lucien Salomon (Regain, Marseille)
Sarah Mainguy (Din, Nantes)
Sebastien Perinetti (Le Canon, Nice)
Sho Miyashita and Jérémy Megaly (Haikara, Paris)
Sibylle Sellam and Grégoire Foucher (Bercail, Rennes)
Simon Carlier (Solids, Toulouse)
Simone Tondo (Roots, Paris)
Stephanie Le Quellec (The Stage, Paris)
Tabata and Ludovic Mey (The Apothecaries, Lyon)
Thomas Brachet and Tristan Renoux (Les Arlots and Billili, Paris)
Thomas Chevrier (L’Orillon Bar, Paris)
Tom Meyer (Granite, Paris)
Valentin Raffali (Livingston, Marseilles)
Victoria and Guilhem Gil-Malissen (Le Bec du Coq, Marseille)
Yannick Ferez, Patrick Pereira and Elmi Rejichi-Lubrano (Sagi, Perpignan)
Yuri Massines (Yuri M., Pau)

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