will the ceiling at 38 euros continue after June 30?

Renewed several times since its implementation in June 2020, the increase in the ceiling for restaurant tickets to 38 euros could be extended beyond June 30.

Will the government again extend the doubling of the restaurant ticket ceiling? According to our information, Bercy is not closing the door to a further extension of the measure beyond the month of June. The decision could be taken after the legislative elections, which take place on June 12 and 19.

If the government does not return to its schedule, paying 38 euros in restaurant tickets will no longer be possible from June 30. This system, set up in June 2020 to support restaurateurs in the face of the health crisis, has already been renewed several times. In February, Bercy assured that its extension to the end of June would be “the last”. But the government may well have changed its mind.

Until June 30, it remains possible to pay 38 euros of the bill in restaurant tickets, including Sundays and public holidays. If the device is not extended, from July 1, the maximum amount that employees can spend at the restaurant via this means of payment will fall to 19 euros.

Note, in supermarkets and food stores, where it is also possible to use these titles, the ceiling has always been maintained at 19 euros, and will remain so.

A popular device

Restaurant owners generally perceived this support system decided by the government during the crisis well. According to a Viavoice survey for Worklife, in February, six out of ten restaurateurs wanted the restaurant voucher ceiling to be maintained at 38 euros. But the measure is also considered imperfect. Almost all professionals (97%) complained that commissions were too high.

In fact, the commissions charged by restaurant ticket issuers are much higher than those for credit card payments. For example, the commission rate applied by Sodexo for a refund within three to five days is between 4 and 4.99% of the transaction amount, while it is “only” 1.55 or 2.05 % for a refund within 21 days.

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