with his dog, he is French truffle research champion

The 63-year-old man and his four-legged friend are part of the Dordogne Canine Association. “But I prefer to train alone, with Gost and my wife, that suits me very well”, explains André. It’s a family story since it is Martine, his wife, who presents the dog to the jury, before the start of the competition.

In the field of cavage, the championship takes place on a football field, so that the surface is flat. Squares measuring five by five meters are installed on the ground. Inside, six truffles are positioned. The dog must find them as quickly as possible. His master must then pick them up.

“Fusional relationship”

“It’s called Gost because my name is Bost and 2011 was the year of the Gs for dogs,” explains the champion. It’s been six years since André Bost and his German shepherd were selected for the French championship. “We have a fusional, parallel relationship, because it’s teamwork. When he looks at me, I know what he wants. All he needs is speech,” he says.

“I reward him with treats to slow him down, distract him, so he doesn’t dig too much when he finds a truffle,” explains the German Shepherd handler. They train once a week under competition conditions. “Gost will be able to do it until he is too old, too tired, but he still enjoys the speed contest”, assures his master.

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