Without news of her cat for 7 years, she sees one that looks like her on a Facebook post and everything changes

Aimee Wilkinson is thrilled. This mother of 2 has found her cat, which she has been looking for for 7 long years, reported The Northern Echo.

29 years old, she lives Darlington in the county of Durham. Her black cat, called Smudgevanished one night in June 2015, when she was 8 months pregnant with her first child.

Aimee Wilkinson/Facebook

The more time passed, the more she told herself that the chances of seeing the quadruped again diminished. Despite everything, she tried to keep hope, especially because she had chipped her cat.

At the time, Smudge was a year old. Devastated, Aimee Wilkinson didn’t want to adopt a cat anymore after this loss. ” I have never had another pet since his disappearance which saddened me “, she says to the Northern Echo on this point.

She kept sharing wanted notices on social networks and combed through messages from animals found in her region, but Smudge remained untraceable.

“He had the same frown and the same marks on his back”

The situation remained unchanged until this dramatic turn of June 19, 2022, 7 years after the disappearance of the feline. That day, Aimee Wilkinson saw on Facebook photos of a cat looking like Smudge. She couldn’t believe it. The publication said that the animal in question had been discovered the day before, the day of his 8e birthday, near a river and that he had been taken to a veterinarian.

I thought he looked like Smudge because he had the same frown and the same markings on his back. He looked very skinny and short, but I was sure it was him. “, details its owner.

The next morning, she contacted the man who had found him, and was able to confirm that it was indeed Smudge thanks to its identification chip.

When she went to pick it up, the cat seemed to recognize her straight away. The reunion that she no longer dared to hope for became a reality after such a long separation. ” I would like to know what he has been up to for the last 7 years, if he was fed by someone or if he went from place to place “, entrusts Aimee Wilkinson.

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Smudge was able to meet the children. The eldest Milawho is 7 years old and who was born shortly after his disappearance, “ loves him and wants to pet him all the time “.


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