Wolf in Brittany: “He quietly passed in front of my bay window”, says a breeder [Exclusif] – Brittany

He is the first person in Brittany to have seen it. And Marie Ménager, 40, still can’t believe it. Thursday evening, an animal resembling exactly the wolf filmed last week in Berrien (29) invited himself to her home, a few meters from her house.

“It was around 10 p.m. I was on the phone with a friend when I saw him through my kitchen window, ”says, her voice vibrant with emotion, the goat breeder, who has been living at a place called Roc’h Conan for ten years. , on the heights of Plounéour-Ménez (29). “My husband was away, the children in bed. I had to pinch myself but there was no possible confusion. About the size of a German shepherd but with a much thinner head, a thinner body too, very gray hair, a low tail… In front of me was the wolf from Berrien’s video! He walked quietly between our goat shed and the house, 20 or 25 meters away at most. It took my breath away. »

“He wasn’t trying to run away”

Marie’s first thoughts were for her animals, around fifty goats whose milk she transforms into organic cheeses and yogurts. “Did the herd come in well, the henhouse closed? Everything was swirling around in my head. I opened the bay window to take a picture of the animal but, being still on a call, I couldn’t get out of my call screen. I had wobbly legs. Not like the wolf, who didn’t even deign to turn his head towards me. He continued to cross our field, calmly, on muffled steps. He looked straight ahead, not trying to run away. Impassive. He walked towards our pig shack, passed behind it and went out of my field of vision. I jumped in my boots to go around the animals, but no, no damage, everything was fine.

“He walked quietly between our goat farm and the house, 30, 40 meters at most. It took my breath away. »

A troubling report

Marie and Thomas Ménager’s farm is located far from the village. Their house is built in the open field, on the same plot as the goat farm. Only eleven kilometers separate Plounéour-Ménez from Berrien, by road. Little more on foot through the moors of Cragou, near which Emmanuel Holder’s automatic camera recorded, on May 4, the passage of a large canine, formally identified by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) as being a gray wolf (canis lupus), of Italian descent.

Is it the same animal as the one seen in front of her home on Thursday by Marie Ménager? The farmer is convinced. “It didn’t look like a dog at all. Afterwards, tell you if it was a thoroughbred wolf, a wolf from an animal park or a wolf-dog of unknown breed… But that would surprise me a lot. We live in a remote area. Apart from our border collie (locked up at the time of the events), very few dogs venture here. What’s more, to our knowledge, no one in the area owns a large dog that looks like a wolf. »

Two days after having told the OFB about her furtive encounter with the wolf, the goat breeder remains “stunned by the assurance and presence” of the latter. For a little, she would make quite a cheese…

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