Would you like to know what your cat thinks of you? Discover the signs that indicate it

Feline nature remains a mystery even to the most expert researchers and scientists who dedicate themselves to the animal world to find out how they think and feel. And who wouldn’t like to know what do cats think of us?

By observing their behavior and body language, we can conclude that cats are able to understand a lot about humans. Although they have a reputation for being unsociable and uncommunicative, cats are easier to get along with than many people think.

Felines are very special animals who have a huge feeling of love for their owners when they feel loved, even if they sometimes ignore you, even scratch you, or gently bite you during their games.

If you’ve ever wondered what your kitty thinks of you, you should know that the cat’s mysterious nature makes this difficult task. However, felines see us as giant cats and therefore treat us as equals.

According to Bradshaw, a feline behavior expert at the University of Bristol and author of the book ‘Cat Sense’, “Cats don’t understand us the way dogs do. One of the key ideas of this expert is based precisely on the origin of our relationship with cats.

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According to some experts, such as Dr. John Bradshaw, author of the book “The Mind of a Cat” and researcher at the University of Bristol, cats relate to and behave with people in the same (or very similar) way to that what they do with other cats. They are intelligent and sensitive animals, capable of learning commands or tricks, or asking their master.

Cats also recognize our role in the household and understand that we look after their well-being, provide them with food, a calm environment and above all affection. However, a cat will not treat you as a totally different special being, but as one of its own.

Find out what your cat thinks of you

  • #1 They recognize their owner
  • #2 They know when their master is sick
  • #3 They sense mood swings
  • #4 They know you’re on a diet
  • #5 They know you convey safety and well-being
  • #6 Planning for pregnancy
  • #7 They feel safe when they’re on your chest.
  • #8 They are able to train and manipulate you
  • #9 They know where you hide everything
  • #10 They see you as a giant “cat”.

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