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Yes, cats are also attached to their owners, studies

The image of the cat being distant by nature and royally ignoring its people is shaky. Indeed, these animals would be as likely as dogs to become attached to their master and seek their affection. At least that’s what the authors of a study published on Friday, September 23, 2022 in the scientific journal Current Biology.

An experience with the masters

To reach their conclusions, researchers from Oregon State University (USA) studied the behavior of 70 kittens and 38 adult cats and their owners during an experiment. The animal and human remained in the same room for two minutes before the owner also left the location for two minutes. He then returned and his cat’s reaction was observed.

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64% of young cats showed less stress when their master returned than when he left, and were closer to him after his absence than before. Closer percentages have been obtained with adult cats. TF1 News indicates that similar findings have been made in previous studies with dogs and babies.

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attachment theory

The authors of the study concluded that cats are also subject to the attachment that several species develop for the person who provides them with care on a regular basis. It could even be a necessary element for their social and emotional development. Scientists have gone so far as to assess it “socio-cognitive skills” felines could be underestimated.

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