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YLG, the communication agency totally focused on the world of animals

The pet market has never been better. The Covid-19 pandemic has only reinforced the enthusiasm of the French for dogs and cats, which have greatly helped them to break their isolation during this particularly complicated period of life.

A sector which has also become extremely competitive, and in which each player is thus called upon to stand out. It is precisely to help brands active in this field that Yoann Latouche founded in 2017 YLG (Yoann Latouche Group), communication agency for pets.

Animal expert, columnist in the program ” William at Noon ” on C8, Yoann Latouche has always had a deep passion and commitment to animals. In his youth, he was a volunteer at the SPA of Valvesbefore obtaining a BEP agricultural option canine and feline breeding, then a professional Baccalaureate in driving and management of a company in the canine and feline sector.

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A vocation that he then expressed by working for various media. first for France Televisions, LCI, M6 behind the scenes, then on screen on C8. A journey that led him to become an agent of famous dogs and cats and to make the project a reality YLG.

Today, the agency stands alongside small and large brands specializing in the animal world to support them in their communication and ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

For it, YLG can count on the natural talent of its star dogs and cats, animal models becoming emblematic of these brands by posing for photos or filming in videos promoting their products and services.

Respect for animal welfare at the heart of the YLG philosophy

Whether they operate in food, accessories, education or any other specialty, these entities collaborate with the animal communication agency YLG all have in common an ethical approach and respect for animal welfare.

The agency itself strives to ensure that its animal stars are respected, listened to and understood at all times during photo shoots and filming. The animal behaviorists partners ofYLG are there to guarantee this aspect.

Among these 4-legged stars are narniaa magnificent chimera cat of the British Shorthair breed and followed by 251,000 subscribers on instagram, GM the greedy Beagle, Malcolm the majestic American Akita, Noupette the affectionate British Longhair, Luna the hiking-loving Husky and Jazz the Australian Shepherd yoga specialist.

In parallel, YLG supports and accompanies various initiatives, demonstrations and events. Let’s quote it Palm Dog by Dogamiorganized during the Cannes film festival and consecrating dogs making a name for themselves on the big screen, the Salon de l’Agriculture, the international sled dog race Lekkarodas well as Great Odyssey Savoie Mont Blanc.

Without forgetting the label “1% For Animals“, YLG being one of the first members of this initiative led by YouCare and bringing together companies involved in actions in favor of animals.

To find out more, visit the website YLG and his account instagram.

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