You will no longer be able to adopt a cat or a dog without this certificate of commitment

Having a pet is worth it! The purchase or gift of a dog or a cat will now be more regulated by law. A certificate of commitment and knowledge will be issued when your animal arrives in your home. Too much abuse and abandonmentit was time for measures to be taken, as the Huffington Post !

This decree comes from the law aimed at combating animal abuse, implemented in November 2021. The purpose of the certificate issued is to sensitize and empower. 100,000 animals are abandoned each year, recalls the Ministry of Agriculture. It must be given to the purchaser of the animal at least 7 days before the little companion returns to him.

Certificate of commitment: respecting the needs of dogs and cats

This certificate also aims to avoid impulsive adoptions. It is mandatory now when you want to go through the adoption or purchase box of your pet. Ferrets and rabbits, hares and pikas, not intended for human consumption, as well as equinesare concerned. “The certificate will specify several information depending on the species: its needs, the obligations with regard to identification and the implications of keeping an animal”says the ministry.

The document submitted will give details of the cost of an animal and the logistics required. The space, the care, the possible guards in case of absence will be written there black on white. For people from associations, this certificate is fundamental. “ We were completely in favor of this certificate. People will sign up and commit to caring for their animal in the way that best suits their biological needs.”explains Jean-Charles Fombonne, president of SPA.

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A certificate reminiscent of that of the SPA

Indeed, the SPA had already set up for a few years, an adoption contract. “When people come to us, they don’t say: ‘I saw Kiki on the site’ and we go get Kiki for them and they leave with it. The whole family comes, they are asked about their income, the number of hours they are present at home, the surface area of ​​their accommodation, where they spend their holidays, etc. , continues the president of the SPA.

This decree could have been put in place a little earlier in the year, still deplores the president. Indeed, he might have raised awareness against the abandonment of pets in the summer. This year again, the shelters are always full. Since the Covid crisis, they are even twice as full than usual. The next step will be to put in place sanctions to combat abuse. The Ministry of Agriculture specifies that a “another decree to come will specify the sanctions for the transferor who does not verify that the purchaser has signed a certificate and for the person issuing a non-compliant certificate. »

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